How to listen to Little Raleigh Radio on your iPhone or iPad (in 5 simple steps)

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard about Little Raleigh Radio in the past year. They have gone from a dream (and a successful Kickstarter campaign) to reality. This past week, they had a feature in the Indy Week and the News & Observer, and have a few more local features forthcoming.

I got to enjoy some time in the studio yesterday, which currently resides on the back side of Glenwood South, on St. Marys Street. I hosted the “Your Friends and Neighbors” program, with co-founder Jacob Downey producing. It was fun hearing about the beginning ideas of the station, to where it is now, to where it’s going.

Long before I was a mortgage banker, I was a DJ at WXYC while studying at UNC Chapel Hill. They were the first radio station in the world to offer an internet simulcast, and now many radio stations have apps you can use to listen while not by the dial. You can now do the same for Little Raleigh Radio! (Broadcasts currently start at 4pm each day)

Here are 5 steps to get you up and running with Little Raleigh Radio on your iPhone (or iPad)

1. Download and install the FStream App from the Apple App Store (It’s free)

LRR Step 1 LRR Step 2

2. Open the FStream App and select the “Favorites” tab. Click “Edit” in the upper left corner, and then select “Add new webradio”

LRR Step 3

3. Fill out both Little Raleigh Radio Feeds into the “Add new webradio” fields. Label them like I have listed right below here. I suggest copy and pasting (and then click “Done” in the upper left hand corner):

Little Raleigh Radio OGG
Little Raleigh Radio AACP

(You can also paste these links into the “Custom URL” section of the “Favorites” tab if you use the TuneIn Radio App on the iPhone – Once you do, click the heart in the bottom right hand corner and enter “Little Raleigh Radio” as the name. TuneIn seems to have a clearer stream!)

LRR Step 5 LRR Step 6

4. Go to the “More” tab and change the “Cellular Network” from “Off” to “On”

LRR Step 7 LRR Step 8

5. Go back to “Play” tab and touch the stream you want to listen to

LRR Step 9

If you have any questions, feel free to email me

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