Does the home I’m looking at qualify for 100% USDA financing?

There’s an easy way to find out if the home you are looking at qualifies for USDA 100% financing: 1. Click (or copy/paste) this link: 2. Click on “Single Family Housing” on the left hand side 3. Click “Accept” 3. Type in the full address, click “Go” 4. Browser will zoom in …

Raleigh Snowmaggedon 2015 from Boylan Bridge

Tuesday Raleigh Mortgage News 3/3/2015

Raleigh home prices rise, more infill homes planned, and a new ITB condo project Spring is coming? Hopefully the weather, but a booming real estate market? For sure. Home prices have certainly been higher in Raleigh, due to lack of inventory, and due to many positives signs we’ve seen in …

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